About me🙋🏼‍♀️

Hi! I’m Miss C, I’m 18 Years Old, and I’ve just purchased my First Home! I’ve been through some sh** in my life so it’s made me have to start my life younger than most but it has also motivated me to push myself to get the best possible life I can!💛 I wanted to start this Blog not only to share my journey in purchasing my home but to hopefully help other people in the same situation and to offer the tips that I’ve learnt along the way (because I had absolutely no clue and wish I had someone to tell me all the tips and help!) Stuff like saving for a house, setting up a mortgage, budgeting, setting up utilities and trying to make it on your own isn’t taught in school; so I thought I’d make a blog where I can share everything I’ve learnt while purchasing my own home!💙